2011 – Ways to Generate Income With People Search Program

ACME People Search is two things…

It could be regularly used as a People Search Engine. This means that you can SEARCH FOR anyone and have access to any kind of information at any time. What makes this SEARCH ENGINE so unique is that the results are free while competitors such as Intelius, US search, and People lookup charges anywhere from two to forty dollars for results.

Ex. Names, Email Addresses, Address, Age, Phone numbers, Aliases etc.

ACME People Search engine is a powerful tool that delivers quality results at NO COST.

Secondly, it’s also an Affiliate Program. The first thing you need to know about this program is that it’s completely free to join. It was founded by Tissa Godavitarne who has been a successful online marketer/entrepreneur for quite some time now. He started in this industry in 1999 overcoming a lot of trial and error soon making his million online in 2007.

ACME program makes its primary money through Marketing, Advertising, and Promoting (MAP) their search engine, but Tissa also collaborated with other reputable affiliate programs which in result gives you access to earn extra income in 12 different ways. Now it might sound complex but luckily you came to the right spot to learn and receive the proper knowledge you seek. I’ll break it down and piece by piece, I also have a link on my website that walks you through the steps. There are 3 simple steps when joining ACME People Search:

First, you will Build Your Very Own Search Engine which is extremely easy. All you have to do is fill out what is required to receive you’re APS website. Secondly, you will Brand Your Engine. When you brand your engine all you have to do is enter the name of what you what you want your website to be called (Personalize you site). It’s a People Search niche so make sure it’s people related.

So far, you have taken advantage of steps one and two. Now let me what you’re getting with that.

• Your very own Free People Search Engine/Website
• Tools and Training provided by Tissa Godavitarne
• Access to an active and helpful forum (Tissa specifically pays people from APS who are highly knowledgeable to help those who have questions and concerns, they are called Super Sponsors, they are paid 233.85 for their service). This ensures that you will get the service you deserve.
Through step one and two you’re eligible to earn income from 5 programs when you only signed up for one.

• ClickBank
• Google AdSense
• CPA(Commission Junction)
• Match.com
• US search

So by you ONLY promoting the ACME program engine you can earn commissions from all 5 income streams. searchusapeople.com

Lastly, step three gives you an opportunity to build Residual Income. If you see beyond what you’re reading now and want to build something long term, you will then move on to step three which is unlocking programs for residual income. Unlike the first two steps, step 3 provides you with a 30 day trial. After the 30 days you’ll pay $1 per day to maintain step 3.

Not only will you earn residual income with from ACME People Search with step 3, but you will also earn from the following which in all accumulates to 12 ways in generating income:

• GDI (Global Domain International) High Recommended!!
• HostGator
• GVO Conference
• Shoemoney System
• Wealth Affiliate
• Afilorama

In closing, ACME can cater anyone from beginners to the computer literate. As long as you can read and apply you can make a lot of money. My website contains critical and potent information for your success online.



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