8 Best Tips to Great Hair Care

To shave without bleeding has been the dilemma of man. With the invention of the electric shaver, this has been solved but with the expense of having close shaves. Here are some tips on how to have a close shave using an electric shaver.

Before shaving:

Always make sure that the blade is sharp. You should replace your blade once a year. A dull blade will prevent you to have a good shave and may also end up irritating your skin.

Wash your face with warm water to soften your beard or stubble. You can also wet a face towel with warm water and put it on the area to be shaved. After a few minutes, dry tour face.

If you don’t like washing your face with warm water, an alcohol based pre-shave can be used. If alcohol irritates your skin, use the powder type. These remove oil from the face and make the hair stand up making them easier to shave. hair blow dryer brush

While shaving:

Find the grain of your facial hair. Always shave against the grain. Rub your face. The smoother direction is “with the grain” and the direction with some resistance is “against the grain”. Again, always shave against the grain to have a closer shave.

Use one hand to pull the skin a little tight and the use the other hand to hold the electric shave. This will also make the hair stand while shaving and can give you a closer shave.

After shaving:

To maintain the softness of the skin, you should apply lotion especially if you use an alcohol based pre-shave because alcohol dries out the face.

Clean the electric shave. Lift the head of the electric shave and then brush the bits of hair from the cutter and cleaning brush to prevent them from clogging the screen. After cleaning them and putting them back together, spray a small amount of lubricant on the screen while the electric shave is running. This will help keep the blade sharp and make the electric shave run smoother the next time you use it.

And also, it is recommended that you use a Braun Activator Shaving System. It helps you to shave faster because it can capture and cut facial hair from any angle. This means fewer strokes and a faster shave. The Braun Activator can do this because its head vibrates while you move it over your skin. Just follow these tips and you will surely have a great time shaving without the cuts.


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