A Message to Young People About Smoking Marijuana

As a counselor in drug addiction and human relation troubles, I’ve helped solve the problem of smoking marijuana many times in both teenagers and grown up people. So, for the sake of helping you, if you are interested on knowing whether or not smoking weed is harmful to your health, I’m going to summarize all the things I’ve learned about the problem. cbd blüten hamburg

First of all: no matter how many times people say marijuana is harmful, there are some facts we must take into account before considering it as a very serious problem. I want to emphasize that I am not speaking against or in favor of smoking marijuana, I am only presenting the real facts.

Second fact: smoking pot it is not dangerous itself, but there are other things that can be beyond your control that could lead you to trouble. If you control it, that is to say, if you can smoke moderately, (moderate means a “joint” or “nail” every few days), you could theoretically keep smoking for all your life without dangerous side-effects. The plain truth is that if you manage to smoke weed moderately, you don’t have too much to worry about. However, in reality, it would be very hard to accomplish and too few people keep such control for a long time, and for some people, each day it will be harder to keep.

Third fact: lying to teens about marijuana does more harm than good. So that’s the reason why I’m talking to you as plainly as I can. You’re free to read this, take what is useful for you, and draw your own conclusions. It’s up to you.

Let’s face it: marijuana is not as harmful as many people are saying. In all honesty we must accept the fact that it is not an addictive drug, at least no more addictive than coffee, alcohol or tobacco. To look at this from another point of view: pot could be as addictive as any other thing for some individuals. People can become addicted to chocolate, video gaming, messaging, exercising, coke, etc. I’m sure you have realized that almost every person is addict to something, and you have asked yourself how the hell your parents, your mate, or your friends are asking you to quit from smoking weed if they indeed are addicted to something. So, why stop smoking weed?

Researchers have discovered that side-effects in the brain include memory loss and deterioration of learned conducts, besides it affects behavior diminishing inhibitions. Nothing different from the damage caused by smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. The effects on the lungs are not very different than the effects from smoking tobacco. So, what’s the problem?

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