Amazing Art Shirts – An Answer to the Ties

Meet Patricio Forrester, related to Touched By, and he will tell you why did he think to design “art to wear” shirts for men. And he will come with a satisfying answer. He says, “Touched By allows people to express themselves in their working environment and outside of it through a line of men and women’s shirts in which art meets fashion.”

Actually what he actually meant to say that like the ties, his specially designed shirts were there to elaborate and project the particular self-expression of a man more comprehensively. It is no wonder that the use of ties, once supposed to be an emphatic tool of self-expression, has been on wane in the working environment. urban wear

Thus a man was left with very less options in the field of mens clothing which could help him standout in a social setting. Of course, the ties used to do this job earlier on their own and much successfully. So with a solution in his mind, Patricio Forrester arrived with his new collection being called as art to wear shirts for men and for women too.

Many believe that this latest fashion collection of fashionable mens shirts will change the entire course of fashion we had been habituated of perceiving. For long, we have experienced a design gap brought by the “dress down” market trend. It is set to bring an end to this trend.

The fashion designer is confident of revolutionizing the fashion shirts in a completely different tone. While launching his collection under the banner of Touched By, on November 19th at the Fashion Expo at the Business Design Center, Islington, he says, “The choice of artistic intervention on clothes, or ‘art to wear’, will become a vehicle to express in a witty and humorous way.”

The beautiful artworks done on the crisp white cotton shirts make these shirts a sort of stuffs not seeming to have been made on this planet. He says, “I wanted to create art that could circulate freely outside of the art world. I discovered that I could use my freedom to dress how I liked in order to make ephemeral public interventions.”

Interestingly, he got the inspiration in a very weird manner. He changed the whole outlook of the shirts, he has inherited from his father, doing artworks on them. Much to the amazement, he wore them too in public.

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