Cabinet Refacing – Save Money

Intelligent people would not simply buy new cabinets to replace their old ones if they are still in mediocre conditions. They would take an understated yet smart choice of cabinet refacing. This can be done by yourself or getting the services from a professional craftsman. The refacing job basically comprises of changing the hardware on the current cabinet body, building new custom doors if they should be changed and veneering the side panels of your cabinet.

Generally this is not a tacky thing to do and your cabinets will not appear any cheaper compared to a new set. In fact, there are few advantages of doing the refacing. Firstly, of course the cabinet refacing costs would be much lower than purchasing a brand new set. As you maintain the wood framing and paying only for the thin wood paneling sheets and cabinet doors, you can actually save up to 60% of your money. Besides, the refacing process is much faster. The doors and sides can be built in just a couple of days by the cabinet maker and the installment process can be done in just several hours. wood cabinet refacing

Besides, cabinet refacing using the service of a cabinet maker instead of buying a new pre-made cabinet allows you the opportunity to personalize the design of the cabinet doors. Sometimes you may not be able to purchase a readymade cabinet that suits your existing furniture; therefore people often go for refacing where they can match the designs to the kitchen furniture or the color tone. This is to avoid making your cabinets look prominently odd.

You can actually obtain the cabinet refacing costs quoting via the internet. There are several websites that offer such services as well as providing useful tips and reviews about refacing your cabinets. If you are having financial constraints, you can consider going the refacing yourself. You can get find plenty of do-it-yourself sources on how to reface the cabinets. Although the quality may look less perfect compared to professional skills, but this should do you good if you are living on a tight budget.



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