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Life online has continue to grow and develop.  In addition to catching up with old friends on Facebook, wasting hours on YouTube, or posting pictures on Flickr you can now access financial software, office suites, and collaboration tools online.  You can literally do almost anything regular software does on the internet without downloading a thing.  Browser based software is more convenient and is also very cheap (as in free). JSON formatter

Many online tools generally limit the size of files or the number times the software can be used for the free version.   The best applications allow full functionality and allow users to download completed files.  With so many applications online you have your choice of what kinds tools you’d like to use.

The best place to find online tools is through recommendation of trusted websites or through online bookmarking websites.  Google searches don’t do the best at finding free software.  Many of the results have spyware or other malicious software waiting for you to download.

The best online tools allow you to access the software without creating an account.  If they require an account creation they usually save your documents and your progress on the site.  Finding sites that allow you to work quickly and easily is important.

Free online tools could improve in the spreadsheet area.  While Google docs and Zoho documents have come a long way, they still lake the powerful features you’d find in Excel or Open Office’s Calc.  To get around this  there are online desktop type software that allows you to access powerful spreadsheet applications without trying to do the calculation in your browser.



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