Horoscopes Today Still Influence Many

Today we live in a world surrounded by technology. Why then, when we seem to understand the physical world in which we live is there such an interest in horoscopes?

Today, we can divide people into three main categories. Firstly there are those who think that horoscopes are without any scientific basis and ignore them completely. They do not believe that their personality or their future is either determined or influenced by the alignment in the heavens of the sun, moon and planets. They either believe that they control their own life or that it is controlled by the people they meet and how they respond to other people and the events in their life. They regard horoscopes as something that has no relevance today. Horoscoop

The second category is those who are interested but do not take horoscopes too seriously. The horoscopes section may be one of the first things they turn to in their newspaper today but they will not think about them too seriously during the rest of the day. They will read the relevant horoscopes for themselves and their friends and compare notes. It can often be a light hearted way to start the day whilst drinking the first coffee of the day. These people hope that the newspaper’s horoscope will bring good news or the promise of something better. These people are often looking for encouraging news about their relationships. If today’s horoscope comes true they will gladly share it with their friends but if it does not they will quickly forget about until tomorrow. Accuracy is unlikely to be that important although most people in this category will probably have a favorite source that they stick with.

The third category is the one in which people take their horoscope seriously. They are unlikely to trust the horoscopes produced in the newspapers and will have their own personalised horoscopes. They will place considerable reliance on their own horoscope and are unlikely to make any major decision in life without reference to their horoscope. They may have had a number of horoscopes prepared before settling on one source that they regard as more accurate than the others.

Detailed horoscopes will often be calculated in a way that takes into account the exact time and place of birth. To people who do not have faith in horoscopes this does not make sense either. Those that do point out that the sun and the moon have an incredible effect on the earth. Without the sun we’d soon be extinct and we can see the powerful effect the moon has on the sea. Today, science is learning about the various cycles in the sun, changes in sun spot activity and the changing levels of radiation and how it reacts with the earth’s magnetic fields.

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