Office Coffee Services Provide Refreshing Options for Your Employees

If your employees arrive each day, nursing a drive through brand of coffee or one from the more elite coffee shops, you can become their hero by providing even more with a coffee service. Coffee services provide the same quality of coffee as many of the gourmet shops offer, but it’s free to the employees and guests in the office. It also doesn’t have to be a high cost item and is tax deductible to the business. In fact, many employees of offices with coffee service coffee find this benefit not only a huge savings, but a tax-free one as well. In some cases, coffee services actually provide the same name brand coffee that the fancy coffee shops have. office coffee solutions¬†

Of course, not everyone drinks coffee, so most of the services offer other drinks to satisfy all the refreshment requirements of your staff. They may provide various types of gourmet and regular tea, hot-spiced apple cider, cappuccino and even water coolers, when a cool refreshing cup of water is the best thirst quencher. You’ll also find many of the services provide hot chocolate of several varieties, giving both a sweet treat and boost to your employees mid-afternoon, while also providing a wonderful warm-up when arriving on a snowy cold day.

Coffee services may also provide munchies. Some provide packets of cup-of-soup, a particularly great addition if you have employees who work late. It provides just enough of an appetite curb to let them finish their project, without requiring an order out, so they can finish earlier and eat a real supper with their family. Some services offer packets of microwave popcorn. These are great late afternoon snacks and also good to curb the appetite when working overtime, without requiring the employee take much time away from the work at hand.

If you want to make your coffee area a special area, consider using a server that offers both regular creamer and flavored cream. The flavored cream turns any ordinary cup of coffee into a gourmet treat that costs an hours pay at a local coffee shop. You’ll also find a variety of sweeteners from the traditional white packets of sugar to the blue, pink and yellow sweeteners, satisfying most people’s requirements.

You can’t go wrong using a coffee service. There’s no muss or fuss with the coffee pot and it tastes just like good restaurant coffee, particularly if the service offers an air-pot brewing system. In most cases, they provide the brewing equipment on loan, so if it quits working, the service has to replace it, not you. You can get all the disposables, such as paper napkins, stirrers, cups, lids and plastic cutlery from the services, which means you won’t have to assign any employee the task of making certain there’s always stock on hand. It’s easy to check when the service makes their regular delivery to the office.

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