Professors – Clear Out That Psychic RAM (and Keep it That Way)

In some of my workshops, we have a ‘psychic RAM” (David Allen’s term) clearing. I hand out little pads of paper and have the professors and others in my workshops start mentally going through every thought and idea that is randomly running through their brains that has a ‘to-do’ attached to it. It’s a blast because as people are clearing out their psychic RAMs, you can actually hear it happening. This is because people after people around the room write on their little pads of paper, they then rip each piece off and throwing it into their “In” box. There is a constant sound as this is happening. You can do this for yourself starting now–and continuing throughout the rest of your life. Consider the following: Entr├╝mpelung Stuttgart


  • No matter where you are or what you are doing, when an idea pops into your head, get it out of your head and onto a piece of paper that will go right into your inbox. If you’re at your desk, write it on paper and throw it into your physical “In” box. If you’re in a meeting, write it on a piece of paper or in your planner where you can process it later. If you are in your car or sitting someplace where you don’t have paper, but do have your cell phone, call yourself and leave a voice mail message about whatever the idea is. Don’t ever try to “remember” it, because it will just whir around in your head, taking up precious processing space.
  • Spend some time each day for the next couple of weeks emptying your head of those little “to-do’s,” errands, calls, tail-ends of projects, etc. Just sit and let your brain remind you. Or, walk around your home, lab, or office and see what pops into your head. Or, just look through your planner and see what ideas emerge.
  • Eventually, you will get to a place where most of your psychic RAM is empty, and you will be in the habit of keeping it empty. For awhile, you will have to work harder at it, but soon it will be second nature. You will appreciate the difference in your creativity and processing capacity and will never want to go back to being “clogged up” with trying to hold it all in your head.


Believe me, you have more whirling, whirring, and stirring around in your brain right now than you are even aware of. This clearing process takes a VERY long time, but each time you get a thought, task, responsibility, or commitment out of your brain and onto a piece of paper, there is some level of relief, because now it can actually start to get done, get processed, get delegated….or heaven forfend, get dumped!!

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