Quit Smoking – 3 Other Dangerous Forms of Tobacco

There is no form of tobacco that is healthy for the body. When we talk about smoking and how to quit the habit we often and in most cases refer primarily to cigarette smoke. However, there are other forms of tobacco that are just as addictive and dangerous.

Below are 3 other common tobaccos that are best avoided: bongs

Cigars: A symbol of luxury and success. The growth of sales of cigars has been growing steadily over the past 20 years. The cigar has been promoted as a symbol of success that many of the top businessmen and many famous male film stars dangle from their fingers. Many people feel that due to its cool image that cigars are not as dangerous as cigarettes to smoke. However, the reality is that they are just as dangerous and hazardous to your lungs and overall health. Although, they look a lot different most cigars contain the same cancer causing chemicals and compounds that are found in cigarettes. The percentage of people who die from smoking cigars has increased by nearly 40 percent compared to those who do not smoke. The incidents of mouth and lip cancer increase if you smoke cigars. Many cigar smokers will argue that they are OK because they do not inhale even though they do not seem to see the secondary smoke that hangs in the air once the cigar is lit up.

Smokeless tobacco: This type of tobacco can come in the form of leaf, plug and snuff. These can also be categorised as spit tobacco. This is because these types of tobacco are applied in to the mouth by rubbing them around the inner mouth and gums. These types of tobacco are often associated with the old cowboys and their consumption is on the increase. These forms of tobacco can be very addictive because their high nicotine content is absorbed very quickly through the gums. Many people consider smokeless tobacco safe because they are not smoking it. However, using this type of tobacco increases the risk of various month cancers.

Smoking Pipe: There is no hard evidence that smoking a pipe can do the same damage to the body’s health compared to smoking cigars and cigarettes. However, as it is still tobacco being smoked it certainly cannot be doing your lungs any good. Pipe smokers do have a greater risk of mouth cancers compared to non smokers.


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