Re-manufactured Vs Used Engines – Which Should You Choose?

The question of used versus rebuilt engines often comes up when we talk to people who are looking for a replacement engine or motor. There are many things to consider when making the decision between used and re-manufactured, with one of the main things influencing the decision is price. A refurbished engine will have a longer warranty and be packed with new parts but will generally cost at least twice as much as a used engine. Most remanufactured or rebuilt engines will have the following parts replaced:

Main and connecting rod bearing

Pistons and wrist pin

Piston rings

Cam bearings

Timing components

Freeze plugs

Oil pump gaskets – full set

In addition to new parts the following inspections are done:

Complete disassembly (pistons, rings, bearings, timing chains, plugs and other parts are discarded)

Thermal and or chemical cleaning (engine block, cylinder heads, cranks, cams)

Block crack inspection (Visual and/or Magnaflux)

Crankshaft reconditioning (Grinding and Micro Polishing)

Boring and honing of cylinders

Connecting rods are inspected and replaced with new or rebuilt ones as required

Resurfacing as required

Assembly to precision OEM Specs

Resurfacing of cylinder heads

Rocker arm assembly

A used engine is a good option for an affordable replacement for your vehicle. Most suppliers have professionally inspected and tested their motors to be in working condition. This inspection includes leak, compression and starting tests. The testing is comprehensive and is performed by professional mechanics. The last this a supplier wants to do is send you a bad item. used engines

Today’s modern vehicles are made with a much higher quality than they were 20 years ago, so they last longer and recycle better. Twenty years ago an engine would be worthless if it had over 100,000 miles, now a modern engine can have a lot of life left with that same mileage. Also, with modern diagnostic techniques, determining if there are any problems with an engine is much easier.

In these tough economic times, many people are keeping cars longer and making major repairs. There was an article in a national paper recently that stated people are keeping cars for two more years than they historically have done. You can feel pretty confident that a used motor with a reasonable amount of miles will get you back on the road. If your budget can accommodate a remanufactured engine, this is a great choice as well.

Either way, you can find a quality, long lasting re-manufactured or used engine that will meet your needs and budget.

At Affordable Engine, we find the highest quality used and remanufactured engines to get you back on the road. The information we ask for on our form helps us match the exact motor in our suppliers inventory with the one that is in your vehicle.

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