Residual Income From Mobile Phones – A Different Approach to Income Generation

Mobile Phones are now part of our life and this trend will carry on for generations to come. We cannot go out without our mobile phones as for quite a lot of people, their bread and butter is through the use of mobile phones. Those who are on monthly contracts either on normal 2G or smartphones such as iPhone 4S, HTC Desire, Nokia N8, Samsung Galaxy SIII etc have to pay their monthly bills by the end of the month, but have you ever thought who is making all the big chunk of money from these services? can you tap a cell phone

The majority of service based businesses today make the most on providing monthly fee based services, so in short network providers make the most through the distribution of mobile phones along with their monthly services. We have all been paying our bills monthly year after year, but have you ever been called back from any of these mobile network operators offering some money back since you have been their customer for a long time. I haven’t yet.

I just want you to think for a moment, this telecom industry is a trillion dollar industry and is constantly growing everyday, is there any way for us to tap into this industry and earn a living from it?

Just to remind you that to enter into this sector, you need a huge investment and huge distribution links, and most of us will agree that they do not have huge investments and distribution links. So does this mean that we cannot tap into this market and share the piece of the pie?

Many large supermarkets in UK such as ASDA, Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s all specialized in the food sector are now slowly tapping into mobile phones and monthly subscriptions. This gives us a clear understanding that this industry is growing rapidly and tapping into this business sector will help in making a fortune. All these major companies have all the investments to make it big business and high turn-over, but what about us, where will we get this huge investments from?

What I am suggesting is to look out of the box and find a tested and proven system that will teach you different ways to generate income from mobile phones and a system that will be producing income for generations to come. Don’t be just the bill payer, think smart and why not learn the secret how this mobile networks are making the bigger chunk and also learn the secret why bigger food giants are entering into this trillion dollar industry. What is the secret and how can you tap into this business? Telecom industry is here to stay forever, find the right company, right business model, right plan and enjoy the income as technology advances in years to come.

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