Secure Airport Parking – A Guide to Parking and Securing Your Car

Even though security measures are placed throughout the busiest airports in the United Kingdom, some criminals still take their chances for a wide selection of targets. Airport parking is one of the small tasks that most of us have to do before going to the airport. Although car parking companies have their own security measures we also should do our part for a burglar proof car.

On and off airport parking

No matter which airport parking company you decide to book all of them have secure parking. These companies are also monitored by the airport owners to make sure that the passengers are hassle free. All airport car parking companies have their own security measures for their customers.  street parking north sydney

The quickest way to look for security measures done by parking companies is on-line. These companies have websites that provide comprehensive information of their services. Even though you may have got yourself a great deal on price, make sure the parking company has security measures for your car. There are many cheap parking deals on the internet so make sure you get a secure home for your car.

The usual security measures are CCTV surveillance cameras, well lighted, manned 24 hours a day all year round with fenced areas. Travellers also have the option of booking an undercover parking area. Chauffeur services also have security measures of their own to keep your car from being handed over to the wrong person. Chauffeurs have a form of identification with them which is described in the directions sent by the company to you. Your car goes to a storage area which is also secured and monitored while you are away.

If you’re not convinced on-line or through the phone its best to visit the area to take a look for yourself. An employee won’t hesitate in giving you the chance to look around if they are confident in their company’s security measures. If you don’t have the time to go to the parking area, talk to your friends who have done it before. Good parking companies are usually spread by word of mouth.

If you decide to do it on your own, park your car near surveillance camera or security/parking lot attendants. This way you’ll have a witness in case anything happens. Get a steering guard wheel lock and make sure the alarm works. It’s best not to put stickers or decals that advertise what type of car alarm you have. If you hired a chauffeur bring the confirmation with you and look for identification.

Before you leave the parking space leave a business card in your window slots to inform others that the car is yours. Other than undercover parking other companies also let you park indoors. Apart from the security from parking companies the airports also have police patrolling the area in case something gets out of hand.

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