Sterling Silver Rings – The Best Gift For Men

Men with rings are not at all a new phenomenon. Since the ancient times we have seen men to have worn wedding bands. Some rings were thought to have other practical reason also for example the thumb ring was worn so that when shooting an arrow they can protect the fingers.

Among the Royals and noblemen the signet rings was an identity to the family they belonged. These rings also served as the official seal for their correspondence. The rings were dipped in hot wax or resin and were pressed on to documents as a seal or signature.

Today the rings are more a fashion statement than a utility item as it used to be before. Among the different metals used for making rings sterling silver is gaining popularity and with the end of recession silver is simply the lining to the dark cloud.

Sterling silver is always a great choice when comes to Men’s jewelry. All men want jewelry that isn’t too loud and pose a balance of masculinity and the subtle dressing up. Whenever I plan buying something for my man I make sure its sterling silver ring. It’s not as bling-bling as gold but yet has a sensuousness.

Men always prefer something that symbolizes toughness. An actual sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver Also known as 925. The rest of the part is composed of copper or nickel. This means that it is tougher than both pure silver and gold. This again indicates that it will not flake off or have any discoloration.

Sterling silver is hypo allergic and for that reason it does not cause allergies to appear on your skin. Surely when you gift someone a sterling silver ring the last thing you would include in it would be “ALLERGIES.” So all you who had hives before now you have a good reason to go for those rings. Are all you men listening?

Maintaining these rings is also pretty easy. Since it doesn’t tarnish like pure silver does any of the basic cleaner that is available in your supermarket can make the magic happen. A little cleaner and VIOLA! the ring is back as if bought today itself. silver earrings

One of the most important reasons why men should opt for sterling silver is that these are now available in wide range of designs. The rings are now available in plain simple bands as well as heavy torques. Some also prefer the solitaire neatly set on the sterling silver rings as a sign for marital bliss.

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