The Pomodoro Technique – Time Management and Productivity Through the Roof

There have been a lot of people posting about this recently, and I am joining the groups. I have been doing this thing for a little over a week, and I can’t believe the changes in productivity that have come about. It is called the Pomodoro technique which is called that because the guy who invented it had a Pomodoro (tomato in Italian) shaped kitchen timer. I highly suggest reading about it (type it in on Google). It’s a really short e-book, and hopefully since you are already a speed reader, you can breeze right through it. Ps its FREE! pomodoro technique app

If my few lines of nonsense didn’t convince you to go check it out, maybe my second attempt will. I get nothing for promoting this, and am only writing in the Blog about it because the idea and results are fantastic. How it all works is by breaking down your time into Pomodoros or 25 minutes sections. During that 25 minute period, you can work on 1 task, or a few tasks that you have set aside for that time period. You have to work the entire 25 minutes, and ignore all interruptions. When the time is up you take a break for 3 to 5 minutes. Just do 5 so it works out to a half hour.

You want to group 4 pomodoros in a row, so it takes up 2 hours. Then I like to take an hour break. Clear your mind, relax a little bit. Just make sure that during your pomodoros you work to your full capacity. Keep track of how many you do in a day, and what you spent each one on. This is great to look back on because you can see which tasks took the most amount of time, and which really didn’t.

Again, I highly suggest reading the full e-book, again, its FREE. There is a lot more information and recommendations about using the system. Above is only what I have been doing which has been working wonders. I am sure that if you do exactly what he suggests you will see even better results. So go check it out now, and let me know below how it all went. Thanks again.

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