Who-What is It and How Does It Define Personal Happiness-Sexual Well-Being?

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: The Spectacular Found in the Ordinary

When you opened your eyes this morning, a random thought penetrated your mind. “It” held for you a definitive direction of particularly selected soul’s choice of experiences of the day. Do you remember the precise content of that idea? Believe or not, but whatever the first thought that entered your head this morning, will, in fact, paint the canvas of the rest of your day. It’s useful and productive to become increasingly more aware of the first impressions of the morning. They hold invaluable insights for your specific path in the upcoming hours. “It” is the key which turns the door to your ever flowing happiness. Everything is deliberately linked together and not a smidgen of a clue goes unnoticed if you are aware of the ‘trails of connection’ given.

No longer will you have to ask, “What am I suppose to do?” if you pay attention to the contents of your scattered mind’s delivery. People tend to overlook, while dismissing, what seems to be insignificant promptings. What is anything of importance, really? What does IT mean? In actuality, anything is nothing except what we arbitrarily ascribe to it and it means absolutely nothing except the VALUE we place upon it. So, whatever is important to you remains important, regardless of how it may look to others. That’s the reason why other people who are not inside your head, misunderstand your actions and responses, at times. It’s all a matter of becoming quite familiar with the laws of nature of your resident sexual energy in your body.

When attempting to study the laws of sexual nature; we are merely studying the ‘laws’ of our own minds. REASON (sensuality) in itself is self contradictory and therefore no capturing permanence or rationality found there in. For the very mind we try to reason with or propose a rational conclusion is first and foremost biased, conditioned and colored slated by innumerable conditions none of which incorporate the blatant fact that in all pre supposed assumptions, a third silent inexplicable party is present who is the factor of the unknowable and infinite essence of reality we all experience. sexiest women in porn

Wow! Wow a esoteric mouthful! In fact, we as human beings are incapable of explaining the inconsistencies of our life or the intermingled contents there of. In order to accurately explain your world, you would have to define it in terms unrecognizable to the mind and inexpressible to the senses. How could that possibly be? It’s in the cracks: the happenstance thoughts of inconspicuous relevance that daring truths are offered.

That is why, (Note: the word WHY is used sparingly and reverently) it is of utmost importance to catch the first rambling thought of the morning. Consciously lock your attention on the message contained; no matter IF it appears ridiculously fragmented. In fact, the more irrelevant it seems, the more power it carries. Before your feet touch the floor, yield to the structured wave of influence of the day! As soon as your feet hit the floor, the thought flows to the earth and penetrates the essence of your course of existence for that day.

Your sacred soul is registered in your feet. He/She/It decides upon the journey to take for its deviously and cleverly disguised flavored colored sensual experience. The soul who knows all without saying; who guides without definition or excuse; who by passes all human understanding and definitive comprehension, and without question defies all possible explicable rationality. We can, therefore, never really say what a ‘thing’ means or how it will unfold. We can only experience the event with brief clues, omens, and signs, indicative in wanton deceptive hints of creative expression. In other words, (by very loose terms) of how creatively “it” [innate sexual expression] behaves (by releasing its pent up anxieties)!

I have a BS in Communication with a MA in Art Education currently pursuing a Ph.D in Educational Psychology. I am an Executive Cosmic Therapist, artist, entertainer, singer/songwriter, musician, composer, playwright, perfumer, professional astrologer, tarot consultant, Numerologist, author, teacher, speaker, poet and self-taught chef.

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