Why Globe Travel Network – And Why NOW?

GTN, or Globe Travel Network, is a travel club or membership network that provides access to luxury resorts around the globe, with all amenities, at a HUGE discount.

My wife and I have been involved in the travel industry for many years and are quite familiar with the type of resorts available to Globe Travel Network members. Many of the same resorts that GTN members have access to we’ve been marketingĀ retailĀ for the past 10 years.

Most of the resorts are timeshare properties.

Timeshares have become quite popular because people WANT to travel and want to stay in nice places, places more like home, with a full kitchen and living area separate from the bedroom.

The problem with timeshares are the cost. It is simply NOT a cost-effective way to vacation. Not only do you have the initial cost of the timeshare, but every month for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, to perpetuity, you have to pay maintenance fees and property taxes. Create a trip of a lifetime

With Globe Travel Network you simply pay a membership fee of $199 to access our wholesale priced inventory.

But why is Globe Travel Network a solid choice for building a lucrative home business? Because…

In ANY economy, even the worst of economic times, people STILL want to travel. Vacations refresh us, they rejuvenate our minds and energy. They restore our sanity. Vacations create the memories that life is made of.

It is for this reason that travel is estimated to be an $8 to $11 BILLION industry. In an industry THAT big getting even a small piece of the pie can be HUGE.

Added to the size of the industry is the fact that your prime market is the largest market on the planet, baby boomers.

The baby boomer market is so large that just in North America alone a baby boomer retires every 10 seconds. And what do people want to do when they retire? Travel. Just ask someone you know who is about to retire what they look forward to doing after they retire. 90 out of 100 will say; “Travel”.

But these baby boomers are also savvy about their finances. They want the best DEAL on travel they can get. A Globe Travel Network membership offers them EXACTLY what they are looking for.

Additionally, many of these baby boomers would love to have an effective way to supplement their income. The lucrative business opportunity associated with Globe Travel Network, again, offers them EXACTLY what they are looking for.


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