8 Things a Beginner Affiliate Marketing Course Should Include

Choosing an affiliate marketing training program can be very challenging. You want something that’s comprehensive but doesn’t require putting a second mortgage on the house. It should explain things in a clear, easy-to-understand manner but also go deeper than the simplest fundamentals.

It’s definitely not easy to decide on which program is the best fit for you; there are just so many options. Everybody and his cousin wants to sell you a course. Sometimes it’s tough to tell who is giving you real, honest, effective techniques and who just wants your money.

Here are some things to look for in a beginner affiliate marketing course:


  1. Written in plain English. Most training programs out there are filled with “insider” jargon that a newbie doesn’t fully understand yet. A good course will introduce you to those terms but will explain them too, not assuming you already know all the lingo. best affiliate marketing course
  2. Puts an emphasis on solid research. No sense going off half-cocked before you know what you’re trying to accomplish, right? Reputable training will include lots of information on how to do solid market and keyword research. It should show you how to determine which niches are profitable rather than encouraging you to simply “follow your passion” without regard for the reality of whether that niche will make any money.
  3. Encourages realistic expectations. Again with the realism–I know, I know. Look at the majority of the affiliate marketing courses out there and you’ll find a lot of inflated promises. The simple fact is that most people don’t succeed with affiliate marketing, and it’s because they think everyone who does it makes 6 figures in a matter of weeks. When that doesn’t happen, they quit.
  4. Is upfront about the fact that this takes work. This is another reason so many people fail. They are led to believe that by fiddling around on the Internet for a couple afternoons a week they will be able to watch the money magically roll in. It doesn’t, unless you work at it. It’s just like any other job in that respect.
  5. Doesn’t try to upsell you every time you turn the page. Some courses are nothing more than an advertisement for the creator’s “real” course, the one that really unveils the secrets and shows you how to make the big bucks. The course you bought should deliver what it promised on its own.
  6. Teaches you how to do things yourself. It would be great if there were fantastic software programs that could automatically create affiliate sites for you–wait a minute, there are! But you should also learn how to do things for yourself. You need to understand what your software is doing; otherwise, you’ll find you’re in a pickle if it stops working and you have to do something from scratch. It’s important that you grasp the concepts involved in affiliate marketing and don’t depend entirely on someone or something else.
  7. Doesn’t stop short of complete. If a program teaches you to create a site, that’s great, but it also needs to show you how to monetize it properly, how to drive traffic to it, and how to add other streams of income.
  8. Includes support after the sale. This one is crucial. When you buy an over-hyped course, you’re often left to fend for yourself if you have questions or problems. No matter how thorough or well written the training is, a beginner will always run into snags. That’s just the way it is. Will there be someone to answer your questions and help guide you to success?
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