Digital Kitchen Scale – Very Futuristic

The traditional kitchen scale isn’t very high tech; it consists of a place to weigh the food and a hard to read needle that will tell you how much the food weighs. Enter the digital kitchen scale – the new favorite tool among cooks and calorie counters. This scale can weigh food down to the tenth of an ounce so that you know exactly how much you are eating, or how much of an ingredient you are throwing in the mixing bowl for your favorite recipes. Let’s look at this type of kitchen scale in greater depth and determine if this is a tool that you need in your modern kitchen. Bol doseur de cuisine

Dieter’s Dream

Diets are hard to stick to, but one thing is sure – if you don’t stick to the diet and eat the right portions, they don’t work! A scale can help you determine if that one ounce serving of lean meat really is one ounce – or if you’re actually eating three times the amount that is required in order to meet the guidelines of your diet. If you are allowed a particular number of ounces of cereal on your diet, pouring some cereal in a bowl and hoping that you didn’t exceed the portion amount is not really a good idea – weighing out the number of ounces you are supposed to eat is the most accurate way to go. You can do that on a digital kitchen scale. What’s more, some more advanced scales will also tell you how many calories are in the portion you are weighing, as well as the fat content, carbohydrate content, sodium content and more. This type of scale can be invaluable to someone who is looking to shed a few pounds or maintain the weight loss that they have already experienced.

Cook’s Delight

Even for those folks who don’t struggle with weight loss, a digital kitchen scale can be a cook’s delight. No more guessing at how much “ten ounces” really is. Just measure it. Most recipes require complete accuracy of all ingredients in order to yield the best results. Unlike old needle-style scales, the digital kitchen scale can give you an accurate measure of even the smallest ingredient that you want to measure.

What to Look For

For dieters, a small scale with a digital readout is usually sufficient for their needs, although extra features like those mentioned above may not be available on some of the more simple and basic digital scales. For busy cooks with large families, a larger digital kitchen scale may be required. Look for how much the scale holds and compare that figure to the ingredients that you usually weigh when you’re making your purchase. Ideally, the scale you choose should come with a bowl that you place the ingredient in before weighing it, although some will just have a flat surface. For long term use, consider a stainless steel digital kitchen scale that is easy to clean and that comes with a warranty from the manufacturer.


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