Dog Grooming – How To Do Dog Grooming At Home

If you have decided that you would like to groom your own dog you will need to choose the correct dog grooming tools to enable you to carry out this necessary task satisfactorily. By doing this task yourself you will undoubtedly save yourself the money you would otherwise spend to have a professional dog groomer groom your pet, but just think of the complete satisfaction you will get from keeping your four-legged friend looking his best.

The majority of dogs have almost identical requirements when it comes to grooming. Some however might require some additional equipment for example a rake or mat-rake for those dogs that happen to be susceptible to getting their coats in a tangle.

My suggestions for some dog grooming tools that will help you keep your dog looking his best are as follows:


    • Brushes and Combs. Similar to us humans, dogs too have various types of hair. Some types of hair are more likely to matt as it is long and silky in structure and other types are short and stiff. Fortunately numerous varieties of bushes, such as bristle and pin types, and combs are available, suitable for all sorts of hair types.


    • Shampoo – There are many types of shampoo available and you must choose carefully to ensure you use one that will be suitable for the kind of hair your dog has and how sensitive his skin is. If he has sensitive skin an oatmeal shampoo should be suitable, or if your dog has a skin condition or coat issues then use a medicated one. As it is highly unlikely that your dog will remain perfectly still whilst you shampoo him it is advisable to use a shampoo that will not sting your dogs eyes. If you have any doubts or worries as to which shampoo will be suitable, contact your veterinarian for advice.


    • Ear Grooming – It is very important when you are grooming your dog that you do not overlook his ears. You will need to use ear cleaners, cotton balls and in the case of any ear infections, medications that your veterinarian has prescribed. On no account ever use peroxide. dog grooming near me


    • Clippers -You will find that not every dog will require clippers it will depend on the breed of dog. Generally short-haired dogs like Chihuahuas for example will not require clipping or shaving whilst dogs whose hair grows long, like Shih Tzus, require clipping regularly in order to avoid their hair becoming tangled and matted.


  • Nail Trimmers – There are many types and styles of nail trimmers available which can help you and make the job easier and less distressing for your dog, when you trim his nails, but ask your veterinarian for their guidance regarding what kinds of nail trimmers are most suitable for your dog and how best to make use them correctly.
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